Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?

We are a complete IT solutions provider based out of Campbell River on Vancouver Island.

What does "IT solutions provider" mean?

Our day to day reason for being is technology. Essentially we are an IT company that has taken the time to do all the research and training for IT solutions that your company requires. We are your outsourced IT department. You contact us to provide the solutions you need.

I already have an IT department/ computer "guy" (or person). Why do I need you?

Daily, we work with many IT departments and computer savvy staff within companies. Sometimes it’s just to supply new hardware or peripherals.  Sometimes it’s to supply services that cannot be provided by the existing IT department, like anti-malware solutions VOIP equipment or cloud backup services. What we do is provide supplemental services that internal IT departments cannot take care of or simply lack the time to do. One area we are often called in to help out is with business phones. We often provide support to other IT companies in this area alone.

I already have computers/ phones /servers. I don't want to replace all my stuff. I just want it work properly. Can you help?

Yes we can. We will work with you to keep your equipment working. Hardware is expensive, we know that. We can provide you with the help to keep everything going. Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes looking at a problem can yield a better result.

What are these supplementary services that you offer?

Business phones, VOIP solutions, IP cameras, access control units for commercial/residential lock outs, servers, backup up power solutions, antivirus monitoring software, hardware monitoring packages, remote maintenance packages, onsite and cloud data backup solutions, business continuity services,  workstations, laptops, computer peripherals, and much more.

What do you mean by "voice solutions"?

If you are in an office or a store, look at the phones. Each phone might have its own extension.  Each phone might have its own voicemail. When you call a business, an automated system often answers. All those system are linked together. What we do is sell, install and service that equipment.

I just moved my business to a new building that has existing phones in it. Can you program the phones for me?

In most cases yes. If the phones were working , usually we can work with the existing hardware and your phone provider (Shaw or Telus for example), and get the local phone system programmed for you. We have worked on almost every type of phone system in the local market. Unless the hardware is broken, we usually can help.

I have a: Hotel / Bed & Breakfast / Office/ Store. What do you recommend for my phone setup?

We work with every client to fit their needs. There is no “one size fits all” solution. We will see what your needs are and build a system specific to your requirements. A hotel requires a completely different phone system than a store that might only have two or three phones.

What do you mean by "IP cameras/ surveillance"?

We supply and install security cameras. Along with the cameras, we can build a custom digital recording server to manage your video feeds and archive the footage. This gives you the ability to access security footage easily. If you have a fast enough internet connection, this can even be done remotely.

What do you mean by "network solutions"?

If you have computers in your place of business, you have a network. We supply and install the equipment that protects that network and makes it work. Want to add guest wifi but don’t want people abusing it? We can do that for you. We can give access to the right people while keeping bad things off your network.

What do you mean by "cloud backups"?

Your data is very important. Keeping it safe is also very important. With the rise in ransomware and data theft, small businesses cannot take for granted that they won’t be targeted. The question is no longer if it will happen, it is  when will it happen. That is why we work with Datto to provide one of the best data protection solutions in the industry.

What do you mean by "commercial wifi"?

Commercial wifi equipment is designed to work in harsh and high traffic environments. The equipment is hardened against unauthorized access. Its built in security and features allow it to be on 24/7/365 and for years.  It is designed to send signals not just a few hundred feet away, but quite a few kilometers away.

I hear you guys are in Campbell River? I'm in Nanaimo. How can you help?

Yes, we are based out of Campbell River, but we have clients spread out all over Vancouver Island. We also have worked really hard to provide simple and effective solutions for our clients. This usually means we will come in, fix the problem, and then continue to remotely monitor your network if required. You stop worrying about the problem and leave it with us.

I hear you guys are in Campbell River? I'm in Vancouver. How can you help?

Our head office is based on Vancouver Island, but we have found that Vancouver Island businesses also have Vancouver based locations. To be able to provide the service they have requested in the lower mainland, we have expanded to cover this area well. Just like how we provide focused support for North Vancouver Island, we provide focused support for the Tri-Cities. Our extended coverage goes from Langley to Squamish. In fact, we have done remote work throughout British Columbia. We have used our expertise with commercial wireless solutions to provide internet coverage in remote areas of B.C.

I'm looking for a custom built computer, can you help?

We specialize in business grade equipment. Feel free to contact us if your needs are in line with this. Why? The equipment we supply will be top of the line with a business warranty. We will only supply equipment we know will continue to work properly day after day.

I am a content creator/ web designer/ graphics designer/ architect. Can you provide me with a server/ workstation/ laptop to fit my workload?

Add Your Heading Text Here

We supply hardware to meet extremely demanding loads. From servers and networking equipment to handle massive file transfers, to powerful workstations to render content on, we have access to some of the most powerful hardware available.

I work in a Medical Clinic/ Legal Firm/ Accounting Firm. We handle very sensitive data. How can you help?

We take privacy and security concerns very seriously. From data encryption to complete network isolation, we have worked with our clients to provide IT solutions specific to their needs. This has included keeping encrypted data on cloud servers located in Canada to providing complete data destruction when older computers are retired. We have also built custom file servers to provide fast but secure access to critical information.

You offer a lot of different services. How come I've never heard of you or seen you?

The type of work we do is usually done in the background. Our goal is to keep your computers, network and phone system working. We come in, get things working, and then keep them working. The fact that you don’t see us all the time is a good thing, it means we are doing our job. Most of the time we are working hand in hand with telephone service providers. When you see them, we are usually not far behind.