Voice Solutions

Voice solutions need to be designed and implemented properly to become a beneficial tool for your business. A business needs to have its phone system working properly. You will hear this repeated many times.

Phone calls come in every day and at any time of the time. You need to know that your calls are going to reach you. You need to have your clients reach you.

If your business has an existing phone system that isn’t giving you the features that you need, we can see if there are options to upgrade your existing hardware.

Depending on the age of the hardware, we carry a variety of telecommunications equipment for older systems. If you need additional handsets, phones relocated within your office, or extensions replicated, we may just have the solution that you need. 

Hospitality Solutions

Hotels have very specific requirements when it comes to voice solutions. At one time hotels had a switchboard and actually had someone doing the work of an operator just to make the phone system work. Nowadays this work is all done by automated systems, but the work hasn’t become any less important. Calls from guests need to be routed throughout the hotel, from their room phone to specific destinations. The front desk needs to process internal and external calls. Hotels contain various departments and businesses, from housekeeping to restaurants, as well as all the other guest services that they offer.

Here is a scenario. A guest in room 101 calls the front desk, asking about the restaurant in the hotel and to make a reservation. Guest services needs to transfer that call to the restaurant seamlessly. The guest also request a wake up call to be scheduled. Once the guest finishes that call, they hang up, and on their room’s phone, select an outside line to make a local call. During this time, other guests are also using their phones to call other rooms, the courtesy phone in the lobby is being used to call a car service, and housekeeping is being paged on their mobile devices.

This scenario isn’t rare. This actually happens many times a day at a normal hotel. What is important is that it works. The phone system has to work.

We provide solutions specific to the needs of hotels. If you have a small hotel or even just a B&B, having a courtesy phone system can mean good reviews or guest headaches. For larger hotels, maybe with separate buildings, we can supply you with solutions to either replace or even integrate with your existing equipment.

Small Business

If your business needs a phone system but you don’t want to invest in a expensive phone system, we can build a system that provides you with the features you need now as well as offer expandability as your business grows. Voice Over IP phone systems offer flexibility that traditional phone systems simply cannot provide.

What if you inherited the phone system of your building. You might not be able to remove it, so what do you do? Don’t worry, we can help you. We’ve work with multiple types of phone systems and in most cases, we can keep that system going. We also have access to refurbished equipment for most vendors.

Contact us today if you need help or would like more information.